Company Profile

Guangzhou Luban company

      Guangzhou Luban company was founded in 1991, is the first in the building waterproof reinforcement for the main business of integrated large companies, has over twenty years of corporate history. Lubanga's enterprises Guangzhou Luban Construction Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Luban Building Materials Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Tian Ning housing safety appraisal Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Luban Building Materials Factory and Guangzhou Luban Building Materials Co., Conghua material factory . Luban to resolve building crack, drain, sink, as the main direction oblique to "challenge the construction industry world problems, cures building strange diseases" for enterprise mission is to provide professional building in southern China transformation, defects and diseases comprehensive solution provide.


The three main business of construction waterproofing engineering and design, testing services and waterproofing materials production and sales

      Project activities include building waterproofing, trapping engineering design and construction, geotechnical engineering, foundation pit engineering design and construction, building reinforcement, underpinning, alteration, correction, pan engineering design and construction, foundation and basic engineering design and construction. Lubanga was established twenty years, has been involved in the construction of tens of thousands of items to create social wealth worth billions, has won from government, down to the community has been widely praised. Classic works with Shanghai Metro soft soil excavation support and side channel construction, the Guangzhou Metro pile foundation underpinning engineering, Xisha Yongxing Island freshwater reservoir construction, Guangzhou nylon Hall translational engineering, Shenzhen Metro pile foundation underpinning engineering, Guangzhou the Garden Hotel, Guangzhou Art Museum, Guangzhou TV, Guangzhou new Baiyun International Airport Terminal water trap works, Yemen national Aviation Hotel reinforcement projects, including Guangxi Wuzhou Fook Kong translational project won the Guinness world record of the most important works of the pan


Guangzhou Luban company has "Luban" and "Tian Ning," the two brands of waterproof material

      Production and sales of varieties of synthetic polymer waterproof coating, polymer cement waterproof material, grouting and reinforcement products, waterproofing, waterproof cracking additives, decoration materials, energy-saving insulation materials, decoration waterproof Tinian and other products. Waterproof material as Luban key industries to high technology, excellent quality, rich variety quickly accepted and recognized by the market. Respectively, in Hunan, Jiangxi, Guangdong and Gansu provinces to establish more than a dozen retail distribution channels, stores and outlets to hundreds of stores. Meanwhile, Luban gradually advancing around the branch building in Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Dongguan, Jiangmen, Changsha, Shanghai, Wuxi, Hainan, Nanchang and other places set up 10 branches. Luban next five years, the company plans to establish a nationwide comprehensive engineering services and material sales chain management system, laying a solid foundation for the listing.


Guangzhou Luban engineering and materials research and development, strong technical force   

      Has led to chairman Mr. Deng Tianning dozen industry-recognized senior technical experts in the industry, core journals published hundreds of articles. There are sixteen were given ministerial level scientific and technological achievements, provincial, municipal identification, to meet international or domestic leading level, there twenty-two achievements have been awarded national patents. Guangdong Province is the standard "building waterproof engineering point of order", "building excavation engineering point of order" and technical-grade Atlas "Retrofitting of concrete structures construction", "Luban waterproofing company Atlas," the editor unit, but also the national standard "building foundation engineering and technical specifications," "building Rectification adding layer shift technical specifications" and "waterproof construction project site testing technical regulations," the AP unit. Luban also has an experienced, comprehensive construction team, will effectively protect the construction quality and efficiency. Luban technology sustains, in 2012, Guangdong Province, has been identified as high-tech enterprises.

Luban people adhering to the "integrity, professionalism, innovation, loyalty," the enterprise spirit of "leak, asylum ten million mansions; solid foundation, and climb the peak of the industry" as the quality policy, began his second venture. Lubanga will be in five years, over a hundred million investment to build new production base in Conghua, to establish a national engineering and materials sales system, has become the largest construction waterproof reinforcement companies.