Design Unit
Architectural design units and individuals for the services provided

1 is designed for large institute uniform standards waterproof design atlas and description.

2 units can be designed to deepen subcontracting waterproof professional design services, a fee of 3 yuan / m² (GFA).

3 units to provide water for the design professional design plan approval services as well as professional waterproof design consultancy services, charges 0.2 to 0.3 yuan / m² (GFA).

4 and design units to establish a strategic alliance designed specifically for professional support units for waterproof design, construction drawing services. Design service charge of 3 to 4 yuan / m² (GFA).

5 can be waterproof design units for the training of professional knowledge, per lesson 1000.

6 units can be designed to solve long-size settings Deformation leaky basement problem, this seam Division I package design, package materials, including construction, including four watertight package commitments.