Services provided to the general public

The general public in case of the following questions , you can call the Division I resolved:

1 my roof , leaking ceilings cracking how to deal with ? How to trap ? Reinforcement ?

2 my toilet leaking from the top floor down how to do ? Who is to blame ? How Buxiu ?

Three in my house toilet, hallway , corner site mildew, black, paint blistering, leaking how to do ?

4 My home windowsill , window frames , windows and other parts of the eyebrow leaking how do ?

5 My home exterior cracking, leaking how to do ?

6 my family room, room , wall leakage moldy how do ? How to remedy ?

7 balcony of my house walls leaking water how to do ?

8 inclined roof of my house cracking, leaking how to do ?

9 cracking walls of my house there is a safety hazard do ? Whether it is shabby ?

10 balcony of my house , how to deal with leaky ceilings ? How to trap ?

11 in the basement of my house how to deal with water leakage ?

12 in the basement of my house how light wells leak repair ?

13 terrace of my house leaking how to do ?

14 balcony door of my house into blisters wet hall flooring how to do ?

15 ceiling of my house , since the upstairs decorations after the start leaking, how to do ? How to claim them ?

16 My home humid, close the window a long time there is musty smell, stay down long felt limb joint pain, what causes ? How to solve ?

17 Check bought my house soon discovered that watching a lateral wall cracks , this dangerous? How activist ? How to fix ?

18 My family is just built four-storey house, recently leaned how to do ? Can correct it ? Can reinforce it?

19 years to build my house all right . But the nearest neighbor building , digging foundations , causing cracking tilt my house , how to remedy this situation ? How to hold the other party responsible ?

20 My house beams cracking, and in any danger ? Repairing you need ?

21 my house walls, columns with diagonal cracks in any danger ? Can remedy it ?

22 the walls of my house , since a big pit excavation adjacent building to cracking , the house is also tilted , how do ? Can remedy it ? How to hold them accountable ?

23 My home building , the construction team pouring beams, columns of concrete and found very dense, there are many cellular how to do ? Reinforcement can do ? Need to destroy it ?

24. The basement of my house cracking how to do ? Can reinforce it ?

25 My home facades, roof cracking, need reinforcement do ?

26 I lived in the upper floors , the original used to live , now I need to put residential to business warehouse , you need to be reinforced floor ?

27 My home is seven residential , can be installed lift?