Decorated units and individuals to provide services

1 is easy to solve in the decoration industry leaking parts of the problem, such as toilet foot of the wall unit, door pockets, floor drain port, root canal, balcony and so on.

(2) to solve the problem often encountered in decoration industry - tiled or stone white tears flow phenomena occur.

(3) Provide abandoned dry hard decorative brick or stone mortar paving the bad habit of processes, methods and materials.

4 to provide a variety of brick or stone shop sticky special adhesive polymer.

5 offers a variety of decorative tile grout material.

6 provides a variety of decorative industry uses waterproof material the use of training delivery and related materials.

7 provides interior back to the south damp day moldy black paint solution.

8 offers interior rear wall decoration materials in different joints cracking solution.

9 provides a water trap for the decoration industry knowledge training services.