Designed for developers or investors to build the Star Service

1 waterproof technology consultants

In the early stages of project planning and design , from the professional point of water to review the entire project and submit waterproof advisory report , eliminate design errors in planning the resulting leakage risks, charges 0.1 to 0.3 yuan / square meters ( gross floor area ) .

For large developers to create a professional waterproof cracking waterproof standard atlas and related standards of conduct . Raise awareness of all employees and level of waterproofing .

2 waterproof depth design professional secondary

Services in four phases :

2.1 In the construction project to construction design stage , and with the deepening project for secondary professional waterproof construction design , and review of the original design , communication to the signature confirmation .

2.2 Before construction , in conjunction with building contractors, supervision, design and construction professionals waterproof construction drawings and other relevant personnel triage , technical tests and training.

2.3 During project construction , according to the actual situation of the construction site to add or modify waterproof design .

2.4 completion or completion of acceptance to the scene to check whether the design, construction and acceptance signature.

These four stages of full design service charge of 3 to 5 yuan / m² ( GFA ) .

3 building waterproofing professional testing services

3.1 Buildings leak detection survey of infrared thermography .

3.2 waterproofing product quality acceptance testing without damage .

3.3 Building quality external finishes defect detection .

3.4 Identification and repair housing causes leakage assessment .

4 waterproof professional supervision services

4.1 Construction tests, and professional construction training services.

4.2 Supervision ingredient materials and construction technology services.

4.3 pairs scene materials sampling, inspection services.

4.4 parts of sub- projects on the waterproof acceptance signature services.

4.5 pairs of the amount of materials used , according to the construction area of ​​accounting is reasonable ? Whether jerry ? And regularly informed developers

Waterproofing professional supervision fee of 1 to 3 yuan / m² ( GFA ) .

5 Provide waterproof professional construction services

5.1 Mixed participate waterproof construction plans , construction plans accepted disclosure.

5.2 in conjunction with the total package, supervision, construction side of the construction of the base surface for acceptance and signature.

5.3 pairs of the construction process every step of the self-test and acceptance test the water .

5.4 pairs of whole water project inspection and data compilation to test the water .

5.5 years of free warranty service

6 waterproof technical training, seminars, service

6.1 basement waterproofing new technologies, new materials . Exterior waterproofing of new technologies , new materials .

6.2 closets, bath , kitchen , balcony waterproofing of new technologies, new materials , new ideas .

6.3 roofing new technologies, new materials .

6.4 Pool and Deformation node waterproof point and skills.

6.5 How to identify the authenticity of waterproof material and disadvantages.

6.6 kinds of waterproof materials for compatibility between parts and their relative g sex .

6.7 Classification of various waterproof materials and performance indicators , as well as their applicability.

6.8 various trapping techniques .

6.9 landscape pool waterproof new technology.

6.10 the previous waterproof design errors and misunderstanding.

6.11 Decoration Industry Mistakes and errors waterproof habits.

6.12 kinds of waterproof materials, new technologies and new applications .

The above charges 1,000 yuan / class .

7 new real estate for trapping contracting services

SGX floor trap service has the following modes:

7.1 See drain trap service : free warranty responsibility to fill it up off the site .

7.2 Trapping and waterproofing services, free warranty obligation to the location and extent of the water .

7.3 whole building , the whole project or the whole cell pack trap maintenance services contract for five years in service , only to find the owners of the company , do not look for developers.

7.4 pairs of the transformation of the entire project for water services ( such as increasing the toilet caisson secondary drainage system, etc. ) .

7.5 pairs SGX floor Britto rough housing one to two years for the owners for home decoration waterproof personal service.