Waterproof housing construction is very important and numerous professional indispensable a professional job . With the continuous development of China's economy and people's living standards improve, people use requirements for housing is no longer just limited to " shelter , life safety ," the simple requirements , but must meet the "comfort , comfort , environmental protection, energy " and many other objectives.

Building waterproofing professional is to meet people's housing construction function continuously improved requirements to modern design and building science as the basis, the use of emerging new materials and new technology in order to achieve a reasonable investment in housing construction feature updates, demanding goals.

Luban companies in China pioneered numerous waterproofing company in the "design for the pilot, technology guarantee " waterproof professional philosophy, and presided over the development of professional standards , Guangdong Province, waterproof " waterproof construction engineering point of order " (DBJ15-19-2006). In practice , it is the use of set waterproof scientific research , manufacturing, professional design , construction, material sales for the five one mode of operation .

Full implementation of the waterproof design of specialized secondary

Our waterproof engineering projects in the full implementation of secondary professional waterproof design, making waterproof engineering design , according to the nature and importance of the building , the use of functional requirements, structural features, construction conditions and the use of environmental conditions to determine its fortification standards and waterproof fortification level , according to the properties of the materials , the level of compatibility between complementary and other factors , a reasonable selection of waterproof material type, size , structure and detail to determine practices and propose appropriate technical measures.

We first picture shows the basic construction of housing construction , and use of the building according to functional and structural characteristics , combined with the construction of various parts of the base surface and decorative materials used , design a detailed clear, reasonable structure , simple construction of waterproof construction professionals ( technical ) solutions and drawings , this is what we call secondary professional waterproof design work .

We will be according to the actual situation and structure, drainage , building electrical , air conditioning and ventilation , decoration, garden environment and other professional coordination of the technical requirements for construction need to devise reasonable detail , simple structure waterproof node large drawing .

Specialized in waterproof construction, this second design work is often overlooked and can easily be mistaken for the work of design units , which led to some of the buildings are no items in waterproof spend less , do not get the desired results.

Waterproof node and its construction process for the implementation of standardized management

Luban company has been pursuing a " process management to ensure construction quality ," the purpose , because in the waterproof construction professionals , the most important and most easily overlooked is that the waterproof waterproof construction process node configuration process . Some do not observe the credibility of waterproofing company in order to conceal its technical weaknesses, often vicious competition in the market with cheap waterproofing contract , and after the start in order to ensure its profitable only through the construction process in a way to reduce the cost of cutting corners , while the waterproof node processing technology requirements are often non-professionals do not understand , is also in the works contract are not able to clear, so first of all become less stolen objects. Notes: a qualified waterproofing waterproofing works to ensure its effectiveness , the cost of processing nodes used for waterproofing often reach the project cost 10% to 15%. General waterproof construction team only focus on the overall construction of a large area of ​​water , and the lack of technical strength for each node to be constructed waterproof design and implementation procedure of the whole management. Can only be carried out according to conventional practice waterproof layer construction , this is bound to leave a leakage risk , such as housing put into use for some time, these sites will be the first generation waterproof node leakage of water .